Now, waxing does not have to be a painful process. At Saisons, we use Bombshell Waxing, designed to make a waxing experience effective and most importantly, causing less skin irritation.

All Bombshell Waxes are safe, gentle and effective in removing hair as short as 1/16 of one inch. Bombshell's proprietary wax formulas combine the finest natural rosins and pure botanical essential oils for comfortable waxing that is fast, easy, safe and smooth. These superior waxes apply easily without threading and leave no residue. Pure essential oils add a subtle and delightful scent ensures a superior outcome.

Enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks with our "Bombshell Waxing".

Please inform us if you are using Accutane, Tazorc, Retin A or if you have ever had a reaction to waxing.

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Brow | $22.00

Lip | $12.00

Brow, Lip, & Chin | $36.00

Face Wax | $36.00

Section | $12.00

Underarms | $25.00

Bikini | $30.00


 *Prices may increase depending on hair density.