Sothys & SkinCeuticals

We carry Sothys and Skinceuticals to protect against environmental and internal damage. Look and feel younger, have healthier skin, and slow down the aging process with regular use. 

•Phloretin CF •CE Ferulic •Serum 10 antioxidants •SkinCeuticals Sunscreen •Triple Lipid •Sothys Foundations along with Dermablend Foundation to name a few!


We offer an extensive line of products, from Sothys and Skinceuticals including:

•Skin Toners
•Corrective Serums
•Moisturizers for all skin types



 Saisons Skin Care Make Up

Saisons carries the highest quality makeup for our clients.  

We have put together a gorgeous collection of cosmetics including difficult to find make-up from the revamped Motives line, as well as some new products you're sure to love. Our newest favorite is Sothys' Foundation, a treatment foundation. Choose from: matte finish, anti-aging, and hydration.

Looking for something we don't carry? We can special order whatever you need. Just fill out this form and let us know what you'd like!

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